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Instructor dashboard#

Logging in#

Accessing the Instructor Dashboard#

  • After login, you will be presented with the applications list, select “Instructor Dashboard”

What can be done in the instructor dashboard:

  • See your students list
  • Book student final project’s presentations
  • Provide feedback to students about the single units
  • Evaluate your student during “Local Evaluation” and propose them for global evaluation

Basic workflow for local evaluation#

  • Go to the “Local Evaluation Tab”

  • Select a Lab you mentor and a Student

Evaluation setup#

  • Since you never evaluated this student you will have to setup his evaluation sheet

  • Select the “Setup evaluation” button

Weekly progress#

Once the student evaluation has been setup you can start to input your evaluation:

  • Go through the units and adjust sliders associated with each task

  • Once the sliders reach the 90% you will be able to mark the unit complete

  • When you mark an unit complete, you can still undo it with the relative button

  • The button is not available anymore only when you check the last unit complete

Marking a unit complete means that the student has no more work left to successfully finish the unit.

Providing feedback#

In each Week detail page, you can find a feedback form:

  • Filling this form will leave a message on the unit, accessible by the student and global evaluators.

  • An email notification will be sent to warn the student about your feedback

  • The student will be able to reply using the same form, making the conversation recorded for future reference.

  • If a student doesn’t immediately reply to your feedback, you can use the “Waiting for feedback” to notify this to the coordination staff, that will verify if the student is not receiving notifications for some reason, i.e. wrong email address.

Requesting global evaluation#

  • When all the units are marked complete you will be able to select the “Request Global Evaluation” button.

  • After confirming your student will be put in queue for global evaluation, and assigned a Global evaluator.

  • You will be able to check the global evaluation sheet just created as soon as the evaluator starts checking the progress.

  • During the global evaluation you will be able to provide feedback on each unit, using the comments system.